• How do I know you guys are legit?
Please Click Here to be redirected to our Instagram account. There you will find hundreds of testimonials from previous customers.
  • Are your products 100% authentic?

 We only carry 100% authentic footwear that are distributed through authorized retailers.

  •  Where are you located? 

 Located in Charlotte, NC. We do not have a store front, we are an online store.

  •  If I am in Charlotte, NC, can I pick up my order? 

 We do not accept pick up for any orders placed online. 

  •  Can you give me some information on shipping?

 Sure, please check out our shipping info here: Shipping/Return Policy

  •  Do you guys double box the shoes?

 Of course, we double box all of our shoes in order to maintain the mint condition of the box.

  •  Do you attach original store receipts with purchases? 

 Due to tax filing purposes, we keep all original purchase (I.E. Footlocker or Finishline purchases) receipts.

  •  What forms of payment do you accept?

 We receive our payments via Paypal, Paypal users and guests can use their credit card, debit cards or Paypal balance to pay for the purchase.